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The world as it stands right now is quite obsessed with recycling and rightly so.  Collectively around 44% of the UK by 2012 was recycling (, which is great given the fact that anywhere up to 60% of our household waste could be recycled and almost 50% of that could be composted (  We all want to make the world a better place, but it is not always simple to recycle and anything that can make it easier for people is a great idea.

One part of household rubbish for dog and cat owners, is their waste and you might not know, but there is an efficient, natural and easy way to dispose of doggy doo and kitty poo, without needing to use a dustbin.

Clean Green Dog Loo

This simple to install and easy to use doggy loo will help to eliminate the odours in your garden and your bin, as well as repel those pesky flies and insects that are attracted by animal waste.  It can even be used all year round, although the waste may take a little longer to flush away during colder months.

How does it work?

The Dog Loo in installed in your garden, dug into the ground itself and can be hidden amongst flowers, bushes and plants without causing any harm to them.

  • You need a hole that is around 60cm (24″) in diameter and 70cm (27″) deep.
  • Fill the bottom of the hole with broken pots and large stones to give good drainage to the doggy loo.
  • Put the loo together and place in the hole.
  • Fill the gaps around the edges with stones that are bigger than the loo holes, but does not distort the shape of it.

Now you fill it with water and check the drainage, providing it is all okay, you then add the Clean Green Dog Loo Bio-Activator capsules and then your faithful four-legged friends waste can be disposed of in the loo.  When it is full up, simply flush with water.

An efficient and easy way to get rid of animal waste from the garden, keep it safe for children, smelling nice and free of flies! 

Available from Armitage Good Boy

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