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With things happening behind the scenes here, it gave me a chance to think of things happening in life.  I will be talking about healthy bodies for next week but for this week – its about the healthy mind.


So the majority of you – the reader, are older than school age and have left education a while ago.  What were you good at when at school? – was it foreign languages, maths, science or even geography.  Could you take a test now and still pass.

It might be weird to think about but when was the last time you stretched your brain and learnt something new or went over something old. 

Your brain needs exercise same as your body.  So even if you just do a daily Sudoku puzzle or a easy crossword puzzle, even a word search. Stretching your brain helps.

Knowledge is not the only thing…

This week I be tackling issues, other than knowledge.  Anxiety and Depression and how our brains deal with these issues is paramount to life. 


Its about learning about life for me – and I hope you will enjoy the next few weeks journey.  This week its the journey into the mind and specifically the brain.




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