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Today marks the first of many as we stake our rights to join the space race with Kerbal Space Station, a fantastic multi -genre game that will have you hooked in no time, if you love space and games like Command and Conquer along with Sim City, then you will really enjoy this offering from the genius brains at Squad.  

The idea behind Kerbal Space Program, is that you build and manage your very own space program.  Set on the Kerbal’s home planet of Kerbin you will build your very own space center and reach for the Mun.  In fact you might reach for Kerbin’s other moon, Minmus or indeed the stars and beyond, the solar system that exists around the star Kerbol is just the beginning.

There is a comprehensive Training Program for new employees at the Kerbal Space Center and we would recommend this the best place to start, learn the basics and find your way around the center.  We decided to put a few videos together over the next few weeks, that will show you some of the training and game play, week one is Construction Basics.

There is so much involved in running an efficient and productive Space Center:

  • Vehicle Assembly Building and Space Plane Hanger, where you are able to build your spacecrafts to your very own specifications and with and incredible range of parts.
  • Missions give you an exciting way to get more people interested in the space program you are building.
  • Once in space your crew are able to go on EVA’s (Extra Vehicular Activities).  These trips are great for gathering minerals and data to improve future journeys.
  • Imagine and create spacecrafts that can carry your Kerbal crew off to distant planets and moons.  Customize the rockets using the staging system to ensure your vehicles are more efficient.
  • Create Space Stations and Starships, even colonize other planets.
  • Employ your perfect crew of Kerbal astronauts.
  • Research and develop new technologies to help in your quest for the domination of space.


The game is vast and different aspects will interest players of various genres.  The game allows for a very unique experience for each and every player! Download your copy now and get building, in the meantime here is our first video, taking a look at the training program Construction Basics.

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