Kidnapping Freddy Heineken


Sir Anthony Hopkins                Jim Sturgess                  Sam Worthington

In cinemas and on-demand from April 3, 2015


One of the most audacious and infamous crimes in recent history is brought to the silver screen by a stellar cast as KIDNAPPING FREDDY HEINEKEN comes to cinemas and on demand from April 3, 2015, courtesy of Signature Entertainment.


When they’re turned down for a bank loan that would let them go straight, low-level career criminals Cor Van Hout (Jim SturgessCloud Atlas, One Day), Willem Holleeder (Sam Worthington – Avatar, Sabotage) and friends strike upon an idea to solve all of their problems in one fell swoop – the kidnapping of Freddy Heineken (Sir Anthony Hopkins Thor: The Dark World, The Silence Of The Lambs), heir to the brewing empire and one of the wealthiest men in the Netherlands. Robbing banks to fund a meticulous operation, the group falls deeper into criminality before pulling off the plan and abducting Heineken and his driver, holding them both for 21 days before a ransom of 35 million Dutch guilder is paid – equivalent to €15 million and still the largest sum ever paid as a ransom for a single person. However, the reality of life on the run and the pressures of guilt soon begin to infect the group as it starts to unravel from within…


Also starring Ryan Kwanten (Collection, TV’s True Blood) and directed by the acclaimed Swedish auteur Daniel Alfredson (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Trilogy, TV’s Millennium), KIDNAPPING FREDDY HEINEKEN is a double-barrelled, killer combination of gripping heist movie and tense psychological thriller as group dynamics and the subtle influence of Heineken on his captors start to eat away at a ‘perfect’ plan. See for yourself when the film opens in cinemas and on-demand from April 3, 2015.

















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