Do Your Kids Rule The Roost At Bedtime?




A good night’s sleep can work wonders for just about anyone, let alone busy parents in need of a few hours without playtime, tears or tantrums!

But new research by bed retailer has found that parents often let their children stay up late when they refuse to sleep, stopping themselves from getting a good night’s kip.

1 in 5 parents admit to giving in when their child refuses to going to bed, letting them stay up later than they should. Dads in particular are a soft touch when it comes to bedtime, as they are 10% more likely than mum to let their children stay up past 9pm.

And at the top of the list of bedtime distraction is modern technology, where computer games and TV shows are the main culprit for 38% of parents.

Technology and gadgets aren’t all to blame however, with 31% of parents bending bedtime rules and letting their children stay up late at weekends, on special occasions and on holiday.

Edinburgh comes top of the list of youngsters ruling the household, with 28% allowed to stay up late, followed by 20% in both Liverpool and Sheffield and 18% in London.

And when they’re safely tucked up in bed, 19% of children still wake their sleeping parents up at least twice in the night.

Jonathan Warren, Managing Director of Time4Sleep, said: “Sleep is a vital part of a child’s development and we would encourage parents to choose activities such as a bedtime story or warm bath before bed, in the hope this will help their little ones wind down!”

Written By Alex Blakelock.


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