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My Kind Of Tie are a company that surprisingly sell ties, all kinds from those suitable for the office to ones for more prestigious events.  In celebration of the World Cup they are giving away ties left, right & centre, we caught up with Michael Heffernan, founder and owner of My Kind Of Tie to find out more.

What was the thinking behind the World Cup Promotion?

My Kind of Tie is a new one stop shop for everyman’s tie and bow tie needs. We wanted to make things simple quick and easy with My Kind of Tie offering an array of styles and trends to suit all occasions and tastes all for the same price so our customers have to spend less time shopping to get what they need and more time on things they enjoy such as watching football. As a newly launched site we wanted to show our consumers that we understand their interests and lifestyle choices and be able as a fun and quirky brand to connect with them about something that most of our consumers will be getting behind… The World Cup. Plus as avid sports fans ourselves we wanted to spread the support!

Tell us all about the promotion and what people can win.

Everytime England wins we want to reward the fans for their support. We will be giving away any free red product (in support of the England away colours) with the timeframe linked to the amount of goals England score. If England win 1-0 fans will each be able to win a free tie or bow tie during this hour with their own unique code just by showing their support and commenting to @MyKindofTie on Twitter or My Kind of Tie on Facebook
AND even if England don’t win we will be giving something back… Anytime England score our consumers will score too. Any person with the same first name as an England Scorer will be able to claim a free tie or bow tie through My Kind of Tie’s facebook with this promotion lasting the same as the length of the player’s team number.

Tell me more about My Kind Of Tie.

My Kind of Tie is the new online destination for everyman’s tie and bow tie needs. We cater to all styles and tastes to allow men to inject personality into their outfit whether it be at work, a wedding or simply to add a touch of quintessential gentleman to an otherwise casual outfit. We make shopping simple with all ties costing exactly the same at £12 plus delivery. We take the fuss out of shopping so our customers can spend more time doing the things they enjoy

Are there any trends that you are seeing in tie wearing?

People are dressing smarter and bow ties especially are making a revival, they are the perfect way to add that quirkiness to any outfit and you only have to look at the array of celebrities bringing back the bow ties. We are certainly advocates of back the bring back the bow tie!

What is your favourite and why?

I’m a firm fan of the statement ties and bow ties and love to inject a bit of personality into an outfit and update a classic shirt with a flash of colour in a tie or bow tie with the likes of our  Tobias or Nico bow tie or Andre stripped tie.

What is your World Cup Winners prediction and how do you envisage England doing?

Well with the leaders in world football over the years hosting ; Brazil, hosting the World Cup this year it will be tough for the other teams but I can see England doing well and hopefully surprising a few of their critics

What’s best spots, stripes, plain or patterned?

Well I don’t want to sound like I’m sitting on the fence but I think it really depends on your mood, occasion and that’s the great thing about ties and bow ties they are affordable accessories that can instantly transform any outfit or plain old outfit in the tie of a bow tie or even tie!

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