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We had a chance to speak with a very active actress who has experience in stunts. We talk about how Kirsty got started in acting, martial arts and shoes getting left behind.
Hi, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk.  So you are an actress and a performer, how do you start in this world of performance art?
I started in the performance world involved in live horse stunt shows. I learned to ride when I was 10yr. I got a young horse who I trained myself, a complete blank canvas, it’s a beautiful thing gaining the trust of such a large animal, they are so powerful yet extremely perceptive; it takes a great deal of patience and sensitivity to feel and read their subtleties. 
I like to think we learned and grew together. I used to do all sorts of things with my first horse – After establishing the basics with him, I remember asking my friend to lunge us on a long line while I rode backwards and did all kinds of things, catching hoops on sticks..!-  Total madness really when I think back, but I knew my horses personality inside out and wanted to introduce him to something different and keep things fresh for the both of us!
Show jumping and dressage never really flicked a switch for me. I saw the Russian Cossack Trick Riders at a horse show by chance one evening and was absolutely astounded and thought, wow, I want to learn that, I was practically doing my own improvised version at home! I got involved wherever I could and learned as I went. I started to do theatre and acting classes outside of the horse world as I got older. I was always the quiet one but it opened my eyes to the magic of performance  – I just fell in love with the whole process of acting and the freedom in gave me.   
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Do you prefer theatre or film?
They are both very different. I prefer film. You still can’t beat a good piece of theatre though. I’m drawn to characters that have a lot below the surface, an edge to them. I’m learning all the time and like to try everything with an open mind and see where it takes me. 
Nice to see, An Open mind to things is always the best way. So what are the three things you can’t leave the house without?
  My gym bag is usually always in tow no matter where I’m going incase I want to train during the day or on the way home in the evenings depending on where I am.   
A bottle of water most definitely!!!
Haha. People will probably tell you;  If I forget or lose my water, I suddenly start behaving like there’s some kind of impending drought about to take place or something… I frisk myself to find it, like, “OMG I need a drink! Has anybody got any water??? I need water!!”
LOL… At least its water and not gin or wine…. Water is extremely healthy and matches your active lifestyle. Any thing Else?
 Car Keys, because I probably wouldn’t get very far if I left the house without those!
You have a long road ahead of you. So, where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
That’s a long way ahead to predict! I try to keep my heart on a destination without attaching myself too much to a set path, things are always changing so you have to adjust your sails accordingly don’t you!
The plan ultimately is to keep doing what I love, creating. Of course welcome the opportunity to do more film work. I have an ambition to one day get a book I’m writing on a shelf somewhere – even if just to inspire one person! It’s nowhere near complete yet but the name will be “The Evolution of Pottery and the Art of Washing Up”!! – A modern day book on philosophies. 
I’m a big believer in manifesting things into reality, so I made sure I had the name first placed on an empty book and gradually fill it page by page…I just write when the mood takes me and let it flow. Its under lock and key though at the moment so we’ll see!
We noticed allot of martial arts in your resume and profiles. So, What attracted you to the world of martial arts?
Now that is a difficult one. No single thing really, I kind of fell upon it. I met my first instructor by chance sat on the floor reading a book in the Martial Arts Section when I was about 19, we got talking and I started Krav Maga- an Israeli defence system.
I do Gracie Jiujitsu too and I try to train in something almost everyday. It’s difficult to explain, when I don’t train I get insanely restless.  It’s where I feel most at home. The benefits stays with you in everyday life not just on the mats. 
There’s some beautiful souls in the martial arts too. Martial Arts is so many things. Confidence. The opportunity to explore yourself on a much deeper level- It’s a lifelong path not just a past time for me. I’ll still be doing it when I’m old and wrinkly probably. I still have lots to learn – I’m always learning. Never stop being curious, it keeps things alive! 
Good to hear that you continue to learn and develop. Throughout your years in the industry, what’s struck a funny cord from what we the audience would not normally see?  
When I was doing stunt work and needed to learn the ‘jerk backs’ where you fly through the air at speed for explosion scenes etc. So the guys said they’d demonstrate for me first time to watch before wiring me up… So they put one of the stunt men in a harness with safety mats on the walls etc (ready to cushion the landing when they pulled the ‘go’ button)
I was there in the wings watching, and then they counted down shouting “3, 2, 1”   ….and then the guy flew back on the wire so fast that he left his shoes behind!!! 
I remember I couldn’t even stand up for laughing, it was such a funny moment because it was all quite serious while they instructed me what was to happen and when etc and then that happened… This pair of shoes left behind!!
I’m surprised they weren’t smoking he went so quick!!   It was slightly less funny when I was being harnessed up however, I was like “Oh dear I’m next!! “Breeeeeathe, relaxxx”  ahahha Good times. We had a lot of fun.  
Nice to see there is some humour on set. Thanks for speaking to us. Hope you the best in your career and your life journey where ever it might lead.

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