Knee High To A Grasshopper…or Giraffe


At Erisea Magazine we love to find the unusual and the quirky.  Something we truly believe in is that everyone is so unique and individual, that their fashion sense should be just as special.  Of course finding something that is just your cup of tea can be difficult when the market is saturated with so many different products and ideas, so we decided to have a look and see if we could find a little bit of inspiration for you.

Giraffe High ResIf you want to add a little individuality to your outfit, you don’t need to change everything about you, in fact you don’t even need to have something that everyone can see.  You could have a funky belt buckle, jazzy earrings, elaborate underwear or what about some incredibly exciting socks?

Pamela Mann is definitely one of our favourite brands, there is always something exciting and different to try when looking through their website.  From tights and leggings, to socks, they have amazing imagination and their ideas are always top of our list to check out.  Today we want to show you a new range of the most adorable ankle socks.

Pug High ResThey all have cute little animals printed on them!

Ankle socks are versatile, especially with today’s trends.  Wear them under trousers, with a little skirt, Capri pants, shorts or in fact any way you can think of.  Pair them with heels, trainers, ballerina flats, boots, any footwear, well except sandals, that’s a look we aren’t too fond of.

You can’t go wrong with these lovely little socks, they are fun just so much fun.  From gorgeous giraffes to luscious labradors, kissable koalas, cuddly cats and perfect pugs, there are a full range of sweet creatures to chose from.

At £5.99 a pair from they are an affordable way to add that little bit of you to your outfit.  (Or even a little bit of love for your favourite pets)!


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