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Looking for a anime fighter with good depth in fighters and good pick up and play value? Interested? Read on….


“Based on the Koihime Musou visual novel, Koihime Enbu is a 2D anime fighter, pitting 13 different female characters against each other in footsie-based combat. Build your combos, and unleash devastating counters with the fast-paced, tight controls of Koihime Enbu.”




Dam just dam. It brought thoughts back to classic Soul Caliber for us with its unique weapon per character, but twisting it to a more anime feel.  You don’t have to watch the anime to like the game.



13 characters maybe short on the average roster you see from fighters today but the roster fills well rounded and each person has their favourites.  Each character will show off different moves from the short range to the long range characters – picking the perfect character for yourself will be hard.




Controls and Combos

Tight is definitely the word for the controls to the screen.  On previous fighters we have reviewed the lag can be substantial – no real noticeable lag which makes all the difference in a game like this.

As with all fighters learning combos is paramount, the training mode offers the opportunity to learn them. However we before that tried the button bashing approach for a easy arcade run and got quite far – comboing 15 moves to good success.  Yes some were the same but it offers a good entry level for a button basher – and good depth in the training for the master in training.



Looking for a fighter which has good controls and good variety in its characters – this is it.  Good training mode and a good entry level for a average button basher – yep. 

For them reasons – 4/5  It does not break the mould for fighting games but it fits all the critical points to be a good game.


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