La Maison Du Chocolat – Chocolates with a unique twist


Chocolate thats Savoury to taste but still smells and looks like traditional sweet chocolate. We got a chance to try the “Esprit Sale Savoury Chocolate Collection” from La Maison Du Chocolat.


Esprit Sale Savoury Chocolate Collection


The Flavours:

Flavour Range

Praline Noisette au Cepe

Hazelnut Praline with porcini Mushrooms




Ganache Aux Oignons Caramelises

Ganache with Carmelised Onions


Ganache Noire Au Poivron Rouge

Dark Ganache with Red Pepper

 Sweet and Savoury Collection

Praline Aux Olives Noires Et a L’Hulle D’Olive.

Praline with Black Olives and Olive Oil


Overall Thoughts

Unique smells and Unique Flavours of chocolate. Its brought a different take on a traditionally sweet item. We felt the texture and the variety in each piece, the smells were terrific.


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