Lalaloopay Doll and Car


Lalaloopay is a huge favourite, with girls all over loving them.

Lalaloopay is a range of plastic rag dolls that magically come to life when the last stitch is sewn and are broadcast on Nick Jr meaning  the range is now huge. There are mini ones to one that live in their own cocoon to the larger ones. They all take on characteristics of a typical rag dolls, with button eyes, long arms and legs and long hair

We had the new Lalaloopay Girls range to take a look at, along with the Remote control convertible car pink of course.


The Crumbs Sugar cookie doll comes with a baking apron and a pet mouse and comb from £15.00 for ages 5 and over. Kids can create stories with their new favorite Lalaloopay doll. This range is from the Lalaloopsy academy of learning arts, where they all go and hang out. They are all great friends and each have their own story as to how they were made and what they are all about. We had a look at the Crumbs Sugar Cookie doll who is made from a bakers apron and she is learning to be a  cook at the academy! Of course there are many other dolls to collect in this range.

The car is what they have to drive!! So they can get around Lalaloopsy land of course, and this starts at £29,99 and needs 4 x AA and 2 X AA batteries which are not included. This is for ages 5 years +. It comes in two great colours Pink and purple, the roof comes off which can to make it into a convertible. Its also super easy to get the dolls in and out of the car, added bonus for busy kids. The remote control itself is very easy to use, with simple forward and back controls.  Both these toys are well made and will stand the test of time. We can see them being a huge hit this Christmas.image007

Both these toys are well made and will stand the test of time. We can see them being a huge hit this Christmas.

Hours of fun was had with both these toys and they go well together and would make any little girl happy.

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