Laser Lasso Ball – PC Review


First of a shorter review style.  We have plenty of indie games and other games to review and first up is Laser Lasso Ball on PC.



“Laser Lasso BALL is the deadliest sport in the universe. Beings from across the galaxy battle to become stars in this Local Multiplayer Alien Deathsport.” – Steam Description.

The game basics –

2 opposing teams of players – with 1 player from each team in a Sumo style ring.  Both are attached to the same Laser Lasso. A pulse ball is sent along the lasso – to win the pulse must kill all the enemy team – one by one.

But it will be easier to show you. Here is one unfiltered – non-commentated round of Laser Lasso Ball.



Yep – We lost. But you get the idea,  unfiltered “what the hell is happening?” joy slash chaos.

Styling is worth mentioning.   Retro and spacey. 


The game has good controls but can feel shaky at first, until you learn the ropes of the game.  Good and chaotic. 

Quick to pick up after you work out the purpose and there is actually some hidden depth to how to win.  Its all about the length of your half of the rope because that alters your shield size.



Overall Thoughts

Good, random multiplayer chaos.  No campaign, so little replay-ability by yourself but will be one of those go to multiplayer games worth trying.


3 out of 5

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