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What it is?

Lavenders or Lavandula have long been a popular garden plant used to create a flowering hedge and an equally as popular, timeless choice for low hedging. Whether you are looking for a dark purple, rich blue or white variety, Lavender hedging is prevalently used in herb gardens, garden borders, kitchen gardens, modern contemporary schemes and container hedging, planted in troughs or along the top of crisp rendered walls.



The Edible Option

Lavenders have been used in the kitchen, making Lavender hedging an edible option.

The flowers can be used either fresh or dried and are traditional used in the sugar or milk of baked goods. Using the same method as you would to create vanilla sugar, place some flower spikes into a jar of sugar and seal. A week later your sugar will be finely flavoured with the sweet perfume of Lavender plants.

Another popular use for Lavender is to flavour custard or make syrup. So whether it’s a fruity custard tart, shortbread or to flavour iced tea, Lavenders make a great edible hedging option.


The Sleeping Option

Research has shown the scent of lavender eases anxiety and insomnia. Lavender increases slow wave sleep (the very deep slumber in which heartbeat slows and the muscles relax). It helps because in this phase – the brain is thought to organise memories so to uncloud a burdened mind.

Use Potpourri.

Potpourri is a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant material. So placing some lavender flower spikes in a bowl with some other fragrant plants will send you to sleep.


How to Plant

It is best planted in a Full Sun and Well-drained Soil.

Water the plants in big amounts but on a infrequent level.

Prune the plant to keep from been overly saturated at it’s centre. Lavender is best, with the ability to spread and grow further.  A centre too clouded with the twisting Lavender stems will lead to bad Lavender. 

Harvest by cutting the flower spikes down and only do it when the colours are vibrant.


Special Thanks

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