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Celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year, Papa Roach are an institution when it comes to ‘nu metal’ and return to the UK festival scene just as incredible as when they first started out.

There are very few bands, that when they perform they almost outshine their CD’s.  Papa Roach are one such band and they are in good company with the likes of Linkin Park and System Of A Down.  At Leeds Festival 2014, they showed exactly why the have been about for 20 years and are as successful now as then.

With an epic set, Papa Roach oozed character and had such presence on the stage that it was easy to see the sheer intensity of enjoyment from the band members.  Jacoby Shaddix, Jerry Horton, Tony Palermo and Tobin Esperance had the crowd electrified as they performed songs from their earlier work, through the years, culminating in possibly, their most recognisable hit of them all, Last Resort.  With an atmosphere that was completely alive and fuelled the audience’s seemingly never ending energy and enthusiasm.

After an electrified set, the guys from Papa Roach took some time out to answer a few questions back stage.  I had the extraordinary pleasure to sit down with Tobin for a chat and a cheeky selfie!

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor

Any fan has a favourite song from the back catalogue, I have two – Last Resort and I almost Told You That I Loved You.  Do you have any personal favourites?

There have been many but my favourites are probably Tightrope, Angels & Insects and Where Did Angels Go.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Leeds/Reading this year?

It’s difficult because everyone I would like to see is on the opposite days to us.  I would love to see Schoolboy Q, but he is on right now, also Paramore, Queens Of The Stone Ages and Macklemore.  I have really eclectic music tastes, I suppose.  Oh, also The 1975 and Disclosure.

You have a fair few tattoos between you all as a band, do you have any favourites?  Plans for any more?

I have no plans for any more right now, tattoos for me are really very spontaneous, although there is a guy, a tattooist back home, Mr Woo, I would love to try out if I get the chance, so who knows!

My favourite tattoo though would be this one on my arm of an arrow.  Arrow is the name of my daughter and this tattoo represents her, so this is my favourite.

Ian Taylor 2

Ian Taylor

Is there any artist you would love to see, but haven’t yet had the chance?

Oh good question.


Living, I think I have seen almost everyone.

Someone who is not with us any more then?

Well, yesterday was Dimebag Darrell’s birthday and we were all watching some specials about him and his life.  I would have loved to have seen Pantera, that would have been good!

I have to ask about Hendrix..

Oh of course, I think he had such a presence and was so influential in changing music.

Celebrating 20 years this year, do you have a favourite moment, is it possible to pick one?

There is nothing like the UK festival scene, it’s great for a mix of artists and the crowds are brilliant.  They are unique as well, we went to one festival in Scotland and had to leave quickly after a riot broke out!  It was crazy.

We worked with Eminem a lot back in the day and he is just ‘one of the best’ in the industry.  Another really influential artist that changed music.

 Do you follow any sports? (Tobin’s eyes lit up at this question)

Yes! Football, American Football.  I love watching my home team and hope that the 49rs can ‘bring it home’ again this year at the Superbowl.

The superbowl is a huge deal, even over here now, have you ever/would you like to perform there?

It is amazing, but I don’t think I could do it if we were asked!  The pressure would be so intense, but I can imagine the seats would be great!

What’s next for Papa Roach?

We have a new single out in January 2015 called Face Everything And Rise, which stands for F.E.A.R.


2014-08-22 17.47.39Tobin was a complete gent, really relaxed and laid back with a clear love of his music and sports!  I am really grateful for the time he took to sit down and talk with me.  I am not directly quoting him in this interview, it is mostly paraphrased from the conversation we had and as I said he was nice enough to allow a me to get a picture with him, something that made this fan of 20 years really happy! 

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