Legend of Kay Anniversary Edition


It has been ten years since the original release of Legend of Kay, an adventure game where you take control of Kay, a cat who is trying t save his peaceful island and its inhabitants, from the evil clutches of the gorillas and rats.  Now, on its anniversary, the game that was initially released on Playstation 2, comes to the Xbox 360, Windows, MAC, PS4 and Wii U, in a completely remastered version.  With more detailed character models, high-resolution textures, incredible sound and using more modern rendering techniques than originally available, Legend of Kay has a whole new look and feel to it! 

Yenching has long been the peaceful land where cats, pandas, frogs and hares all lived side by side, following the creed of the Way.  Then Yenching was invaded by a terrible enemy, gorillas and rats, led by the ruthless Minister Shun, a gorilla and his sidekick Tak, an alchemist rat. 

As the invading forces become more oppressive it is up to a young headstrong cat by the name of Kay to stand up for the four races and save the day.

Kay 1There are an incredible 25 different levels within the game that will have you using your grey matter to solve puzzles and find hidden objects. The levels come with a plethora of enemies, over 15 different types in fact and some rather epic boss battles that will have you yelling at the TV mid battle!

Through out your journey, and Kay’s, for justice and deliverance from the evil clutches of the gorillas and rats, you will come across a whole host of mini games.  They are great fun and add a completely new dimension to an already exciting game, including dragon flying, wild boar riding and wolf riding! 

Kay has to learn the way of the ancients on his quest to save Yenching and this means mastering the three weapons available to him – a sword, a hammer and the claws.  Each have their benefits and pitfalls, which will you favour?

How ever you decide to play, your scores can be pitted against your friends in leaderboards and of course you can unlock achievements and trophies as you go!


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