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Ultron has come into being and decided that all of humanity should be wiped off of the face of the planet, sure he means well, but he is really gunning for us humans and therefore we need a hand in defeating this sadistic, determined robot.  Enter the Avengers – 

  • Iron Man – Tony Stark
  • Captain America – Steve Rogers
  • Hulk – Bruce Banner
  • Thor
  • Black Widow – Natasha Romanoff
  • and Hawkeye – Clint Barton

LEGOMarvelsAvengers_NYC-11-(2)This crack team of superheroes are ready, willing and able, (with a little bit of help from you), to take on the might of Ultron and the other forces of evil in the Marvel Universe.  

Marvel have now teamed up with the guys over at LEGO to create a smash hit game for fans of the film and little building bricks, to enjoy, Lego Marvel’s Avengers.

Fans of the Lego franchise of games will know just what to expect from this new installment and we can safely say they wont be disappointed.  Packed full of explosive action from across the Avenger’s universe, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers (LMA) features some of the most famous scenes, battles and places found in the movies we all know and love.  Come up against sarcastic, (and let’s face it, hilarious) Ultron, fight Loki and find yourself in the streets of New York.

Of course to explore this wide and varied world of superheroes and villains, you are going to need said characters to partake and LMA has more than you can shake a stick at.  Play with the main avengers team, meet Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, along with over 100 brand new characters to the LEGO game world.

LEGOMarvelsAvengers_QS-_-SWThis is the realm of LEGO and that can mean only one thing, embracing the powers and abilities of our beloved Marvel characters, blow things up, lift heavy objects, become huge characters like Fing Fang Foom and fly through the sky.  Each individual character has a set of skills, those skills will be part of the key to solving the level, along with the other characters your have with you! 

LEGO games are unique when it comes to the layout of the game, one of our favourite aspects it has to be said, the Hub.  The Hub is a free roaming, open world part of the overall game, in it contains the entrances to levels and bonus areas, but you can spend hours just exploring and collecting studs, opening up new skills and finding secrets.  LMA has an incredible seven supported hub environments to explore, including Manhatten, Asgard, Sokova, Malibu, Shield. South Africa, Washington D. C. and the Barton Farm.

None of this would be half as enjoyable if one of the biggest components wasn’t LEGO itself.  Not only is the world we explore in LEGO MArvel’s Avengers made entirely from the colourful building bricks, but LEGO injects its own specific brand of humour into the game, that can not be missed.

As with all LEGO games this is a fantastic game that is hard to put down once you pick it up.  There is so much to explore within the universe that has been created for us, that it would be impossible to cover in just one article, so we are going to come back with a couple more to give you a more in depth look at the game – The Hub & Basics, Story Mode, Collecting & Free Play and finally Bonuses.

Available on XBOX One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation3, Playstation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Windows PC courtesy of TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

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