Leo’s Fortune


It seems that more and more games are making their way from mobile gaming to consoles and Steam, but not all f them translate from one medium to another well.  Leo’s Fortune from Tilting point is an exception to that rule.  

004Originally created for iOS and Android platforms by Senri and 1337, Leo’s Fortune is now available on Playstation 4, MAC, PC and Xbox One!  Personally, we hadn’t come across this gem of a game before, which is a crying shame given the fact it has been held to much acclaim and even won awards, we can definitely see why! 

The adventure platformer can now be played on the big home screen in stunning 1080p showing the graphics of this beautiful game, off incredibly well.  Just the initial loading screen depicting the characteristic Leo had us excited, seriously his moustache is fantastical! 

009Leopold is a furball, cute, fluffy and rather hairy.  His teal coloured fur frames his eyes that are filled with so much charisma, as you are playing you can see this little critters thoughts.  The overall style of Leo is finished with his grand moustache.  One day Leo returns home to discover his fortune of gold coins has been stolen by some despicable thief.  

Leaving a note for his love, Leo embarks on a journey to recover his lost fortune, following the golden breadcrumbs through 24 levels that will test his, (and your), puzzle solving skills in fun, yet deadly physics-based challenges.

The controls are extremely intuitive as you control the little fellow as he floats and jumps to conquer incredible gaps with frightening drops and traps that are just waiting to squish, pierce and flatten our favourite fluff ball! 

Th scenery in the game is simply breathtaking, from the deepest, darkest dungeons, to the beautiful vistas of the sunny, green garden like levels.  The attention to detail and sheer imagination makes Leo’s Fortune a complete joy to play.  It will challenge and frustrate you at times, but that all melts away when you work out the answer to the puzzle before you and Leo will show his appreciation as well! 


5 out of 5

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