Let There Be Light…


It seems harder and harder to find different, interesting and new ideas to decorate the home with, especially when you want to add that piece of you to a room and nothing seems to fit the bill!

One way to address the above issue is to get a canvas, not only do you add art to a room, you can personalise it or even pick something that just screams you.  What if there was a more innovative idea out there, that we at Erisea HQ hadn’t seen before?  What if you could have not just a canvas, but one that lights up?

Illuminated Canvas is a company that does just that.  They take gorgeous canvas prints and then they use LED Fairy Lights to create a completely different appearance once they are switched on.  Effectively they give you two canvases for the price of one!

There is a vast range to choose from and they are organised into a few categories on their website:

  • Alphabet
  • Christmas
  • Boys
  • Girls
  • Weddings & Love
  • Home
  • Commissions

A great example of what Illuminated Canvas do, is the Personalised London Icons canvas.

zoom_product_1412670119Here at Erisea, London is a place that resonates with us, some of our team live in the city, some were born there (including me) and of course it is our Capital City!  Not only that, but London has some of the most recognisable landmarks in the world from the Beefeaters that guard the Royal Family and their residences to the double decker red buses and the London Eye to thoughts of tea and rain!

Illuminated Canvas have taken the above iconic images and thrown in a few more to boot including a crown and London Bridge and they have printed them across the canvas in a uniform fashion to create an really funky image in gorgeous muted tones of cream, blue and red.  The magic is yet to come though…

On the face of Big Ben, the headlights of taxis and buses, the centre of London Eye and tips of the crowns are little LED Fairy Lights which light up the canvas to create a completely unique and stunning canvas that although it has the same pictures, it goes from a standard canvas to a fabulous, spectacular night scene for all to enjoy!

Illuminated Canvas have designed a wonderful unique product that will change the feel of a room in an instant.  Prices vary depending on the canvas and of course if you have an image of your own put onto canvas you will need a quote.  You can find out more here!


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