Let’s Go Ape


Signature Entertainment are bringing the next big animated movie to DVD from 15th February 2016, let jungle fever grip you when you watch Animal Kingdom: Let’s Go Ape.

Edward is the eldest son of the primate king and when he is born the tribe decide he is far too small and puny to be worthy of taking over the monarchy.  The tribe make the decision to send Edward away to be brought up in secret.  It soon becomes apparent that the Savannah Desert was not hiding just any ape, no Edward was different, as he grew up he realised this for himself and embraced the differences.

S03P016_MSHD_left_V001.00861186_RESIZEDIt is two million years ago but Edward is unusual and stands out among the other apes that he lives with.  As he matures he discovers fire, love and hunting, but most importantly he uncovers the feeling of hope! He is eager to share his knowledge with everyone he knows, he is far more advanced than the average ape and he wishes to help each one of them become a modern ape.  His revolution challenges the status quo and this results in the most hilarious scenes as you watch his primate pals attempt to become more like him.

Lighthearted and full of comedy Animal Kingdom: Let’s Go Ape is a fantastic family movie that people of all ages will enjoy, so pick up a copy tomorrow and settle in for some hysterical monkey business! 




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