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Everyone remembers the famous advert with that song that is most likely now firmly stick in your head for the rest of the day, (sorry).  Something most people aspire to is hair that looks amazing and that means we should know more about looking after hair properly.  There is so much information out there that it can be really confusing to say the least.  One of the most debated hair etiquettes is how often to shampoo, some say daily and others say weekly, but which is right?

The Science

Underneath each hair follicle is a little gland called the sebaceous gland, each of these glands is responsible for waterproofing and moisturising the hair and skin by secreting oils called sebum.  What is sebum?  It is broken down fat and other bits unneeded from the body’s cells.

Many people, especially in Western culture see this build up as people being greasy and dirty. In fact it is simply the body’s way of protecting the hair and skin.  It is this way of thinking however, that has lead to a change in how people wash their hair in recent years, going from the weekly trip to the hairdressers in the 1950’s, to a daily hair washing regime today.  This can be detrimental to the hair though, laving it dried out and unprotected.  So what is the answer?

A new way forward

There are many natural ways in which hair can avoid the shampoo bottle.  Some of these apparently include:

  • rubbing Baking Soda through out the hair
  • washing with a raw egg, followed by a lemon juice rinse
  • use vinegar

Not everyone will want to try these methods though, but what alternative is there?  Dry shampoo.

Yes, a shampoo that is sprayed onto the hair, neutralizing the build of of oils without the need to wash the hair, thereby reducing the risk of dry, itchy and flaky hair.

Osmo Dry ShampooOsmo

Osmo do a fantastic Day Two Styler Dry Shampoo, that not only absorbs the natural oils without drying out the scalp, but works as a styler as well.  It adds volume to the hair and leaves it feeling refreshed and revitalised, with a beautiful fresh citrus aroma that fragrances the hair.

This is a great way to help prolong the need for shampooing, by today’s standards and it actually works.  Admittedly the first time we heard the term dry shampoo, we were dubious, but it if really effective, giving new life to hair that is flagging.

The idea of having a can of life in our handbags for emergencies is thrilling, but the possibilities are quite endless when it comes to dry shampoo.  If someone is unwell and unable to wash their hair, this could make them feel better and perk up their day, festival goers wouldn’t need to brave the washing area, campers, holiday goers, people planning a night out straight from work, there really is no end to the uses this little canister of lemon scented goodness.


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Founder of Eclectic Enchantments blog, Erika has also been a beauty writer, fashion writer and Beauty & Accessories Editor for a large online magazine before starting Erisea. Erika lives with her dog, Hendrix and beautiful baby girl. She suffers with Fibromyalgia and CFS, among other illnesses which leaves her housebound much of the time. Her passion is writing.


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