Limoncello launches in Glasgow


limoncelloLimoncello is a drink which sings of summer in Italy, and not of autumn in Scotland, but pioneer of artisan drinks Demijohn have just launched their own version to celebrate summer and the successful Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

The taste of limoncello is reminiscent of the lemon groves of Southern Italy,  and it is now available for the first time commercially in the UK.

Demijohn founder Angus Ferguson travelled with his wife to the Amalfi Coast and first tried delicious chilled Limoncello, but it has taken 10 years for them to find a British Limoncello that has the quality, freshness and wonderful taste that they first tasted in Italy.

The limoncello now available from Demijohn is made by Hilary Blackford in Gloucestershire from vodka and Italian lemons.

It is best drunk really cold, ideally straight from the freezer. Its strength (32%) gives it quite a wee nip!

In Southern Italy, limoncello is traditionally drunk before or after dinner but can also be enjoyed poured over a pudding, ice cream or sorbet. Or, you can use it to create a cocktail which has been created to celebrate Glasgow and the Games: aptly named Lemon Weegie, the cocktail is a fresh long drink with a tickle of floral zing, perfect to toast British success at the Games.

To make a Lemon Weegie, add 50ml of Limoncello Liqueur to 25ml of Demijohn’s handmade Elderflower Vinegar in a tall glass with plenty of ice. Squeeze in fresh lime and top up with Indian Tonic Water.

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