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 We had the opportunity to talk to a big star from across the pond as she tours the World – Lindsey Sterling. We talk about her journey to where she is now, her latest album and the differences between a live performance and a music video.
Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us, What is the best way to describe yourself to someone new to your life?

I’m a dancing, dubstep/ edm violinist, a filmmaker, a writer, a youtuber, and a mormon.

We have listened to your stuff a lot before – Not bring followers of dubstep, we did not realise it was dubstep.  It seems an odd choice for someone with a violin to play on a dubstep level. Why did Dubstep “click” for you?

I discovered dubstep through skrillex and I fell in love with it.  I love dance so I always try to write music that inspires movement and dubstep definitely makes you want to move. Also, when dubstep first got big it was all very harsh and choppy. The violin is smooth and fluid. I love contrast so I took it as a challenge to make a dubstep song that was beautiful while still being choppy and edgy.

You have come today to talk about your latest album, We have listened to a few tracks that you have released on it – it sounds great and different to the norm. What were your inspirations to make such a diverse album?

I wanted it to represent my process of breaking free and discovering myself. This a process that I’ve been through in the past in positive but very painful ways; it is a process I still go through and will always go through in order to stay self aware and happy.

Cover_Shatter M_300CMYK

Lindsey Sterling – Shatter Me – Currently Available Online and in Shops.



Everyone has a process, you are turning a painful thing in to a positive life affirming choice. We are glad it works for you. 

Reading up on your back story, as we only knew your music, it seems like a big long journey for you.  Lots of ups and downs, what was the biggest challenge you have tackled and how did you beat it?

Overcoming anorexia was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. An eating disorder is an incredibly consuming mental disorder that causes self hatred and depression among other things and it’s so hard to beat because the problem is inside your own brain. I had to relearn to love myself through practice. I had to gain weight if I was ever going to beat it and I hated myself for every single pound. But day after day, I’d make myself look into the mirror that I hated and I’d tell myself I was beautiful, that I loved myself and that God loved me. I said it until I believed it.

We did not expect something that deep – Thank you for that. Life’s journeys can be bad but changing your mindset to look to the positives is great to see.

Time for a random question – What are the essentials that you keep close by while you are on tour.

Laptop, spandex leggings (that’s all I will travel in), snacks (cereal and hummus).

You got it down to the basics, good to see.  So how do wind down after a busy day?

At the end of the night I go on twitter and Instagram and respond to fans.


What is the last book you have read and why did you like it?

I read my dads book: persona non gratra. I loved it. Not only is it a great story of adventure but I am so proud of my dad. He’s been writing books and screen plays his entire life and as a kid he read them to me as bedtime stories. He had never been published but he still continued to write and these stories taught me that it’s important to chase your dreams. Even if you don’t succeed you are better off for going after it. Now years later, my dad got his first book published.

We can see where you get your drive from, good to hear about it. Chasing your dreams and not living in regret.

So from your Youtube Channel (Lindsey Stirling), you provide a lot of content in terms of Live Performances and Music Videos. What do you prefer Live performances or Music Videos?

This is a cheating answer but both. Ha ha. I love, love, love making the videos because I’m a film nerd. A lot of time I think of the video idea before I even write the song. I story board, co direct and edit my own videos ‘cos I love it. On the other hand there is nothing like live performing. There is so much wonderful energy and I feel ecstatically alive as I dance across the stage giving the performance everything I have. I see people smiling and dancing to the songs that I was able to write.

Ah, fellow “film nerd”. We can see that with your stuff that you do. The thing that draws us into channels on YouTube is the passion for what they are doing. We love the fact at Erisea – that its your job but you love it, especially the fact that in videos you have on multiple hats (roles).

In the videos – the concepts and the style are very on theme. What has been your favourite video to film?

I just filmed a video for my song Roundtable rival and it was a ton of fun. It’s a Steampunk Western, shot on location, with actors dust storms and horses. I wrote the story so it was a blast to see it come to life.

Can’t wait to see it if it was that fun. Final question, because you had a journey of a life – What one thing would you tell yourself 10 years ago to where you are now?

Learn to enjoy the moments. Sometimes I only see how great a stage of my life was, once it’s passed.

Thank you for your time, we wish you well.


Lindsey will be coming round on her European Leg of her Tour  from 30th of Sept.


  • 6th Nov at The Forum, London
  • 7th Nov at Manchester Academy, Manchester

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