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I woke today to the incredibly sad news that Leonard Nimoy passed away.   It filled my heart with sadness and left me feeling quite emotional on the subject.

Having grown up watching Star Trek, the original series, there was many a day I would sit and watch Spock and Captain Kirk on their dangerous and exciting adventures.  A show that has never seemed to age, it is as exciting as it was then, for me, my generation, those before and those after.  

The success of the show was in no small part due to the astounding performances by Leonard as Dr Spock.  Of course he has done more in his time, but Spock is his most famous character.  Played from the mid 1960’s and if we are honest he never stopped playing him, as his last tweet to the world demonstrates.

nimoy 3

Another favourite character Leonard played, that I thoroughly enjoyed was his time as Dr William Bell on the hit show Fringe, 2009-2012.  Not to mention his spots of one of my favourite shows, The Big Bang Theory.

A charismatic, gentile, kind man with a character that seemed to be loved by everyone who met him.  Or hearts goes out to his family friends and fans.

Leornard Nimoy

Live Long and Prosper

1931 – 2015

nomoy 2


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