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There has been a huge shift in recent years to video game consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo, and PC gaming, leaving the once favoured pastime of children everywhere, table top gaming, very much behind.  This is a crying shame, from the humble pack of cards to the more elaborate Dungeons & Dragons, there is much to be said for playing a game around the table with your friends and family.


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Esdevium Games have a selection of board/table top games that the whole family can play, creating memories that will last a life time and be cherished by the whole family.  We picked out three of our favourites from their range to share with you, they each have a different appeal, giving endless hours of fun, right at your fingertips.

B00FWWJFKWJungle Speed Safari

Ages – 5+     ∗     Players – 2-6     ∗     Game length – 15 minutes

Ever fancied yourself king or queen of the jungle?  Well, now is the time to prove you have what it takes with Jungle Speed Safari.  This fantastically animated game will have you, the kids, friends and family making complete fools of yourselves in an attempt to reign supreme and take the metaphorical crown.

Goal – The player with the highest number of cards in their score pile will be declared the winner

The game starts with everyone pretending they are a banana peel, the most impressive of the bunch gets to go first.

There is a pack of cards dealt equally among the players and totems placed in the centre of the table, each with a little picture on.  The game then commences with the first card being drawn, hilarity is sure to ensue as they try to keep that card, but no laughing your turn is coming up!

  • Normal Cards – Free turn, place in the score pile.
  • Hungry Animals – All players try to nab the totem that will feed the Hungry Animal, the fastest player wins that card.
  • Angry Animals – Everyone has to immediately start mimicking the animal on the card.  The slowest player loses a card from their score pile.
  • Chameleon Card – Two options here which are decided on before the game, either an object in the room matching the colour of the Chameleon Card must be touched by each player or players must vie for the totem of the right colour.
  • The Hunter – Protect those animals and hastily cover your score pile, if the hunter gets there first he wins your top card, if he fails he simply keeps his own, but if he covers his own pile by mistake he is deemed to have shot himself in the leg and loses the card.

There is no end to the hilarity that can be resulted from playing this game.

dobble boxboxDobble

Ages – 6+     ∗     Players – 2-8      ∗     Game length – 15 minutes

Dobble is 55 cards, 8 symbols and we are sure there is some magic involved.

The aim of the game is to find the matching symbol on your card and that of your opponent before they do.  Each of the 55 cards has 8 symbols depicted on them, from over 50 different symbols.  The magic is that on every single card there is one symbol that will match with ANY of the other cards.  That is right any two cards from the pack will have an identical symbol featured on it.

This in itself is great fun to play, but Dobble have created five different games in one:

  • The Towering Inferno – Each player is dealt a card face down, the remainder are placed in the centre face up.  On go the players turn their cards and must be the first to spot the identical symbol, winning that card and revealing the next.
  • The Well – All of the cards are dealt to players, except one which is placed in the centre.  Players turn their cards on go and must be the fastest to match the pictures and therefore discard their card.
  • The Hot Potato – (rounds) Each player is dealt a card which they hold in the palm of their hand.  The cards are flipped at once and the fastest to spot a matching image places their card on top of their opponents.  Play in that round continues until all cards are matched.
  • Gotta Catch Them All – (rounds) A central card is placed face up, with face down cards for the number of players around the table.  On go each player reveals a card and the race is then on for players to try and collect each of the cards around the middle one, by matching symbols.
  • The Poisoned Gift – Played like the Towering Inferno, except that players try to match the draw card to their opponents card, thus winning them the card instead of keeping it themselves.

Hours of fun and a hand tin to keep it in!

timelineTimeline – Historical Events

Ages – 8+     ∗     Players – 2-8     ∗     Game length – 15 minutes

This is a game that will certainly appeal to all ages and history buffs a like.  Presented in a lovely tin, Timeline is a card game with a difference, the aim is to arrange the cards in the correct order in which they happened throughout history.

The cards are shuffled with the date side down and each player is given four cards.  A further card is placed in the centre of the table.  The idea of the game is to successfully place all of your cards in the central timeline, to do this they must be placed in chronological order, but of course you don’t know the date.

This game will get you thinking, did Joan of Arc die before JFK was assassinated?  Was Chinese calligraphy invented before the elevator?  Was the fall of the Berlin Wall after man walked on the moon?  All these questions and more can be answered with Timeline!

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