Sometimes when searching the internet a site jumps out as being perfect for a certain occasion, Londali in particular just shouts festival chic with its beautiful artisan and handmade pieces, all sporting fantastic colours and designs from around the globe.

Each item sold via Londali is handpicked and sold at a fair price, with the local heritage of the piece kept at the forefront of the shopper mind, with listing accompanied by a description, not just of the product, but the area in which it has been made.

There is one stand out ideal of Londali that makes them so very different to any other website, as with each piece sold they donate 8% of the profit back to a local charity in the country of origin of the piece.

Indian Beaded Necklace with Bone Carvings – €29.00
This beautifully ornate piece features two camel bone focal beads which have been delicately carved to depict elephants and beautifully accented by the red/orange beads – not only is this a wonderful piece of jewellery but a must amazing piece of craftsmanship.

Nepali lapis & turqoise metal silver plated earring – €19.00
Fancy channelling the boho look, then these could be the perfect thing, using lapis and turquoise from Napali to make the perfect pair of blue earrings. The stunning stones are surrounded by silver plated metal and have been carefully made in Nepal.

Blue and green agate stone earrings – €59.00

Made by a local artisan in Mumbai these earrings just shine with the vibrancy of the country, using blue and green agate carefully encased with gold plated brass, they give off a completely unique look and feel.

Bali 7 chakra silver drop earring with semi precious stones – €65.00
Handmade in Bali this charka balancing pair of earrings features a number of semi-precious stones, with each one having been cleansed and charged to help make the most of their inner properties and bring healing to the wearer.

Pink and purple agate stone earrings – €59.00
Once again these feature gold plated brass and have been made in Mumbai, the purple offers a wonderfully complementary colour to the pink making for a wonderfully unique pair of earrings.


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