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Christmas, New Year and the holidays in general can take a toll on the skin.  The additional strain can leave it feeling dry and damaged, sensitive and affected by rashes and spots.  What can be done though?  A daily regime of cleansing, toning and moisturising is a good start, but with every application more strain is placed on the skin and in turn causes more damage.  There is a solution though…

kalme_undercoatKalme Undercoate

It sounds like a decorating product, but Kalme Undercoat is actually a product designed to give the skin, effectively, a coat of armour.

Created with very sensitive skin in mind, Kalme Undercoat looks to combat the issue of prolonged exposure of cosmetics on the face.  It contains an ingredient called tetrapeptide Skinasensyl which acts against the release of pro-inflammatory neuromediators.  This means that the sensitivity of the skin, the pain, discomfort and irritation that is caused by using cosmetics, is reduced after just 30 minutes of using Kalme Undercoat.

It can be used as a moisturiser on a daily basis or it can be applied as a base when using make up, it just needs around 15 minutes to soak into the skin and provide it’s protection.

A little goes a long way, the lotion appears to be standard in thickness, but when applied it seems to melt and cover a wide area.  It is extremely soothing and cooling on the skin, taking a round a minute to feel as if it is absorbed and has no fragrance to speak of.

It is actually a really good base for make up, working like a primer whilst at the same time leaving the face feeling nourished and deeply moisturised.

Kalme Undercoat is available from SkinShop and is currently £9.95, reduced down from £17.00!

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