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A bit dubious about online dating? Is it expensive? Will it work?  We gave Singles Near Me a whirl to put it to the test and find out for ourselves what it is all about! 


Heres my experience



Firstly, the login screen of which your greeted with (once you’ve done the extensive sign up detail). When registering you go through various processes to find out your likes, wants, needs aswell as your statistics. Some could be classed as slightly nosey, but it’s entirely upto you if you fill these in, or you can skip them if you don’t. It will narrow down the search for potential matches, but it’s a sacrifice if you feel like you want to hold a little of yourself back.

Your logged in and ready to go






Your greeted with an extensive home page with a wide variety of features and a rather extensive search range. Ease of use I feel is vital in any website, and this is no different. The Search function allows you to choose the age and the distance where you’d like to find your match from. Who’s viewed me allows you to see if you’ve caught anyone’s eye, or if your like me I’d of appeared on a fair few people’s in the interest of research of course,  and the inbox function does just what you’d expect.


Was it easy to use and navigate?

The site itself was fairly easy to sign up to, took a matter of minutes and you were on your way. However unless you choose to pay for a subscription then your options are limited, such as unable to view messages received etc, something which I don’t feel was advertised clearly enough when signing up. You only find out there is a cost when you receive a message to your inbox, which to realise the full experience of the site, you will have to stump up a subscription.

Luckily I was allowed access to the site, so started to feel the benefits of having a subscription. The messages started coming in, but the majority were from people who matched my search criteria. 

The positives of the fully accessible site are endless, unlimited messaging, see who’s online and chat freely with anyone who catches your eye. A few tweaks and maybe turning this site into a app for android or Apple based systems and I feel that it would be a much more accessible meeting site whilst on the go, without the need to keep going on your phone, tablet, laptops Web browser.

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