Losing A Legend – Rik Mayall


British Comedy is something, that even if you don’t watch it yourself, you appreciate it as being an important part of our society.  For decades Britain has lead the way with comedic gold that is often unmatched around the world.

One of the the most talented and dearly loved sons of British comedy, today passed away at just 56 years old.  He was famed for shows such as Bottom and The Comic Strip,  to movies like Drop Dead Fred and Guest House Paradiso.

He was most well known and loved for playing Rick in The Young Ones.  This was a show about four students, Rick, a sociology student and his house mates Vivian an anarchist punk, (played by long time comedy partner Adrian Edmondson),  Neil and Mike.  Rik’s character was also noted for being a massive Cliff Richard fan, the shows name originating from one of his most popular songs.

He will be greatly missed from our screens and remembered fondly by all who watched him.  Our thoughts are with his family and friends.


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