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Ever since Louise Tate could clutch a paintbrush she has had a passion for drawing and painting, and her Zoology studies have clearly influenced her illustrations.

Her newly relaunched website showcases her range of designs, which are available on greetings cards, table mats and prints.

For summer 2014 Louise has also introduced wooden postcards to her range of products, which cost the same to post as a normal paper postcard. You simply write on the card in a biro, affix a stamp, and post the ‘card’ as normal.

Louise Tate’s beautiful designs will appeal to children and adults alike, with charming pictures of animals, alphabet art, and witty play on words on her range of products. Louise has created a unique design which she calls a composite print, where a large image of an animal or object is made up of many smaller images, so you could look at the same picture again and again and see a different thing each time. Luckily she includes a list of everything which is included in her picture, so you will eventually find everything within it!

Although she is based in Shropshire, you can buy Louise’s products online from her website (shipping to the UK and overseas), and she will also accept orders for commissions if you contact her directly.

Visit Louise Tate online at http://louise-tate.com


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