Love – Spreading Positive Thoughts…


Love is the thing we carry around day to day but dont think about it often.  It maybe you love yourself, someone else or some physical object or metaphorical thing. We all love something in some way. 


Love Yourself

If you are not in love with yourself (in a metaphor sense), why not?  We all need to think positive thoughts about ourselves and not cloud our thoughts.

It could be something simple like your smile in the mirror or that you got out of a bad situation (your problem solving skills are good). 


Someone Else

Hopefully this is reciprocal – All humans search for that connection. If you found it – well done. If you have not – keep searching for that one person to cheer you up when times are low.

If not reciprocal – hard times, but best advice we can give is move on. Move on and find that one.

Physical Object

What physical object in your life can you not live without?

Car, pen, notepad, comfortable sofa. It could even be a PC.  Have you got one, or are you aiming to get that one item?


Are you saving for that luxury car for the family – or just yourself.  Smile – your nearly there.


Metaphorical Thing

Loving your career is key to success at your career. Everyone at some-point is likely to hate their job but consider the positives.

It could be the people you meet through the job or that the job puts food on the table. Jobs and Careers help in positive and negative ways – we are often clouded by negative thought but think positive.



The key to this is a well-balanced life – love each at some point in your day or at least think of each of these categories in a positive frame of mind – It will be good for you.

Just Love Life.

Main Photo by Kansas Poetry (Patrick)

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