Lurpak Infusions – Toast Taste/Sandwich Taste Test


Lurpak aim to redefine the flavour of your creations, adding an extra layer of flavour to the average meal.  Take your sandwich up a notch or put that punch on the average slice of toast.


Lurpak Infusions Smoked Chipotle

“Spread some smoky sweetness on your wraps….”

Lurpak Spreadable Infusions - Smoked Chipotle


On Toast – A good change of pace. It changed up the flavour texture of the melted butter.  Different colour is a bit weird but you soon get used to it.

In a Sandwich – Paired each with a selection of sandwich meats and this added to the flavour of it.  Suggestion – mix and match and see  where you are at.

Overall –  Good idea of a flavour but not 100% for us.


Lurpak Infusions Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn

“Give your pittas a peppery kick…..”

Lurpak Spreadable Infusions - Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn

On Toast – PINK!!! The salt and peppercorn flavour added onto the toast is terrific.

In a Sandwich – Again, Salt and Peppercorn work well.

Overall – Great flavour, have bought some since review.


Lurpak Infusions Chilli & Lime

“Add a little zing to your flatbread….”

Lurpak Spreadable Infusions - Chilli&Lime


On Toast – Chilli is impactful and one of the better versions to spread on toast.

In a Sandwich – Kicked up the spicy on the sandwich. Great to eat.

Overall – Kicks up spicy while still bringing the taste of the lime through.



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