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Jewellery makers and crafters alike will love Macramé Fashion Accessories & Jewellery by Sylvie Hooghe.

Macramé is a way to weave a variety of materials, such as cord, wool, cotton and ribbon, into gorgeous pieces of jewellery that will turn heads.  The process creates delicate and indeed intricate patterns for gorgeous unique finished pieces.

The word Macramé dates back to the 13th Century and is Arabic in origin.  It was something that the dwellers and travelers in the desserts would have one their horses and camels, decorative fringes to help keep away the flies and sand.

Macramé Fashion Accessories & Jewellery by Sylvie Hooghe contains 20 fantastic step-by-step projects to create beautiful jewellery, handbags, scarves, embellishments and belts.  All of the projects included are illustrated with lovely images to ensure that you get the best out of your learning experience.

As well as the fantastic 20 lessons, there are also illustrated and precise instructions on how to execute each knot that is required to create the stunning pieces outlines in the books.

Suitable for anyone with a keen interest in crafts, fashion and jewellery, this book can be picked up by all ages and skill levels.

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