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Majestic Nights is an isometric action-adventure (with elements of thriller) set in a alternate “80’s” universe where conspiracy theories are true.

The player takes two roles – both the main people of the story, “Cardholder” a intelligence operative who may be responsible of a big conspiracy event in history. Also “Cal”, a private investigator who struggles in finding her own past as it is surrounded in secrets.

The fast mechanics of the game are there to engross the player quickly into the shadowy world of conspiracy.  The “Over the Top 80’s” vibe and overall aesthetic is fun to see.  Players have to use their wits, stealth and other aspects to investigate their way through a complex and multi-path storyline.

Season One of Majestic Nights take place over six chapters. The prologue chapter is available for free.  Season pass or individual chapter prices are available.

We got to play the released chapters – the free chapter zero and chapter 1



The world of Majestic Nights will ask players to sleuth, stealth and shoot their way through a complex story.
Multiple paths and threads are available in every conversation the game has to offer. Asking the right questions, knowing the conspiracies well and shrewdly realising when to bribe, when to threaten and when to play nice. The multiple paths have different impacts on the game,  choices impact the game’s story different for each person.

It is worth playing through on multiple times to see all the ways through.

It was an interesting aspect – first attempts it takes a while to master the stealth but once achieved it can be done every time.  The Stealth aspect has to be employed while still doing to detective work.



Gears of War cover shooting on an isometric level. It seemed weird but it strangely works. Shootouts tend to be quick with enemies dying from one of two shots.  At your disposal will be pistols, shotguns, uzis, throwing knives, sharp sticks and even a katana.

Games within Games – Sounds interesting. Find a clue to open a safe – go open it. Cracking which book opens the secret door – can work but sometimes didn’t for us.



The two chapters we played – No Spoilers – So only these two chapters in the review.

Chapter Zero – Sunset After Dark
Los Angeles, 1981

“Cardholder investigates a missing film director who holds proof that the moon landing was a government hoax. All the clues are laid out in front of him, but shadowy powers are strive to thwart Cardholder’s every move…”

Chapter One – Covert Genesis
Los Angeles, 1983

“What begins as a routine investigation for Cal takes a twisted turn. While attempting to reveal the whereabouts of a missing person, she discovers that nothing is what it seems, and a larger government program is at work, a program which includes even herself…”


That is what we played – all the chapter quoted from the press release.


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A game which manages to define the idea of different throughout. A lover of all the 80s theories will love this game, high levels of 80s stuff that make this game different to what is generally seen in this market. We got a sample of the soundtrack and it is so fitting to the game.

A game that has a great flow with good defining characters. Gameplay takes a bit of getting use to but it offers a fun experience. Score – 8/10

For More Info –

It is currently available on Steam in Free Demo format – and the full season pass is currently at £14.99

 Genre: Action-Adventure Thriller
Players: 1
Platforms: PC, Mac, iOS and Android tablets
Developer/Publisher: Epiphany Games
Web Site:


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