Make It Now : 2 Strand Wave Bracelet Tutorial


This bracelet is easy to make and can be adapted to a necklace and even earrings. Wear it with a casual outfit, for work or an evening out.

DSCF1447aWhat you will need:
  • Bracelet bead board or ruler and bead mat.
  • Chain or needle nose pliers.
  • A pair of side cutters or flush cutters.
  • Beading thread (sometimes called tiger tail).
  • Crimp beads.
  • Closed jump ring.
  • Lobster claw clasp.
  • Round beads of your choice in 8mm and 4mm.



  • Cut 2 pieces of the beading thread of the same length. About 11 inches. Always cut more than you need.
  • Holding the beading threads together. Thread through a crimp bead.
  • Slide the crimp bead down the beading thread a couple of inches.
  • Slide on the clasp and fold the beading thread over.
  • Put the beading thread back through the crimp bead.
  • Slide the crimp bead towards the beading thread, until it is about 2mm from the clasp.
  •  Using the chain or needle nose pliers, squeeze firmly on the crimp bead to secure.
  •  Using your cutters, cut as close to the crimp bead. Make sure you are cutting the right two threads.
  • Trim the wires to the same length.
  • DSCF1489aThread both wires through a 4mm bead.
  • Slide the bead towards the crimp bead.
  • It does not matter which thread you use first. Just remember to alternate.
  • Add 2 x 8mm beads to the bottom threads.
  •  Add 1 x 8mm bead to the top thread.
  • Add 1 x 4mm bead through both threads.
  • Push all the beads down and if necessary arrange the beads so the thread with one bead is in the centre of the two beads.
  • Slide another 4mm through both threads.
  • Repeat this pattern, alternating the threads with 2 and 1 bead. Continue until you have the required length.
  •  DSCF1522aTrim the wires again to the same length.
  •  Thread both wires through a crimp bead.
  •  Thread on a closed jump ring.
  •  Fold over the beading thread and thread through the crimp bead.
  •  Pull and adjust the wires and crimp bead until the crimp bead is close to the 4mm bead and the crimp bead is 2mm from the jump ring.
  •  With your chain or needle nose pliers, squeeze the crimp bead until it is secure.
  •  Cut the beading thread close to the crimp bead, making sure you have cut the right two threads.
You now have your finished bracelet.
This bracelet was made using 8mm picture jasper and 4mm black onyx rounds.
DSCF1538aYou can use any gemstone you wish or glass, polymer clay, crystal bead etc. You can also try using oval, cube, rondelle, bicones etc.

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