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Leading up to Christmas, (terrifying thought that that word is in use already), and of course throughout the year, we strive as a nation to find a present for our loved ones.  Whether it is Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations or just because, no one wants to give the same thing year after year, we want those close to use to feel special and see that when we buy a present for them, we really think about it.  There is a lot to be said about the age old phrase, ‘it’s the thought that counts’.

So what can we do to find something for those wonderful folks in our lives that shows them we really thought about them and that is something very personal? How about personalised cases for phones and tablets, but not personalised with a name or some design from a catalogue, we mean full customisation, designed down to he last shade, font and word, image, layout and size.

Wrappz 5Wrappz is a great company that offer you the opportunity to create a gift that is as unique as the person you are buying for.  From phone cases, laptop skins and covers to cushions, mugs and make up bags, the choices are astounding and the quality extremely high!

We decided to get a few bits from Wrappz to see the quality and how well our chosen designs would transfer from the computer on to the items we picked.

We wanted to use out magazine logo to see how well the subtle pink and the bold black lines would appear when printed on a phone case and a leather tablet case.  We went for a crisp white back ground to make the design pop even more.

Wrappz 1As you can see the phone case, all white adorned with the Erisea logo looks impressive and the case fitted the phone perfectly, leaving it protected, secure and looking fabulous.

The design was also placed on a large leather bound tablet case, looking equally as funky as the phone.  The logo was much larger on this case, but no quality was lost in the change of size, both logos were incredibly crisp and clear.

Wrappz 4Of course we didn’t want to stop there, we really wanted to test how well something could look that was full of colour and extremely unique, so we enlisted the help of our faithful resident Agony Aunt Beryl to assist us in this task.

As you can see she looks radiant and wondrous, ready to help with all your issues and problems, armed with her note book and pen!  The colours are fantastic, bold and bright making Beryl really stand out.  We made the decision to again have the logo on the mug, which in itself is a really hefty, large mug, beautifully made and perfect for personalising.  Finally the words Busty Beryl were added just to see how text can add to a design that incorporates a few different elements.



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