March Update- Introduction



Welcome to a new feature in which we try something different for the entire month of March. Be it a new drink or a new TV Show we would not normally try.  Every Day at 10am or/and 10pm, we will be posting about our latest try-outs.

Expect some free flowing articles with shortness but still packing a punch.

So far we have collected our thoughts and come up with some interesting ideas.

Television Show Genres

I am specifically a Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fan, so every Tuesday and Wednesday Morning I will be trying out things I would not normally watch.

Romance – Documentary – Anime.  My options are open. It could go well or it could go badly but lets try something different.

I will be using Amazon Prime and Netflix to truly look at every thing.



My Challenge is to read more. So, expect some reviews on books every Thursday.  In some shape or form, I will be tackling some of the latest books.  What genre?  Who Knows, could be anything.


Classic Movies

We tend not to get the chance to re-watch a classic movie so expect some classic reviews. March to a new beat but always reflex on the good stuff.

Have something you think I should watch? Let us know.


Plenty More Coming Up…..

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