Marley The Musical Accordian

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination
and life to everything.”
– Plato

Music is everywhere, in the music on the radio, the tone of voices and the wind in the trees.  It is such an important part of everyday life that it simply can not be ignored and it is an important part of learning.  One only needs to think of a nursery rhyme learnt as a child to understand how powerful notes strung together to turn words into a song, can be.

It is said that children learn much easier than adults, they are like veritable sponges that suck up all of the information they can, which helps formulate the people they will eventually become.  Given that music can be a huge influence on anyone’s life, it makes perfect sense that helping children learn through music could be greatly beneficial.  How many people put headphones around their belly, playing Mozart before the little cherubs were born?

Children are taught many things through music, morals, the alphabet, numbers, words in general and they love it, so making music a part of their everyday life can only go to strengthen the lessons taught.

Meet Marley The Music Accordion from Tomy.  This toy has been specifically created with the above in mind, it encourages the child to explore music through play.

Marley is a sausage dog, one that fascinates even adults and he is fun in lots of ways.  Not just a new friend for your little one to play with, his sausage like body is actually the accordion’s source of sound, so when Marley is stretched and squished the air from within it expelled making musical sounds.  The sounds can be altered by little fingers pressing the buttons just under Marley’s head.  Both his front end and back end have little people handles, so their hands fit perfectly and comfortably to work their new whistling doggy.

Marley can also be used like a conventional toy dog, but with somewhat of a difference.  He has a lovely yellow lead by which the child can take him for a ‘walk’.  The difference is that when Marley walks he makes an almost musical clickety clack sound and because of his accordion sausage body, he wiggles!

Kids will love Marley and he will provide many hours of happiness that is not just fun, but educational!

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