Marooners is a nice little arena based game for up to 6 players, whether that be online or local. Due to this being in BETA I was unable to find a game online and so this particular review is based on a local game I managed to set up for myself.


Mini games span across various arenas during the match. Each games requires you to collect treasures to boost your haul which later determines your overall score at the end of the match. During these games you’ll have to evade giant boulders, icy winds, bombs and collapsing pathways among other things, 1 life per mini game so once your down your out.

Its not just the environment you need to watch out for as you can battle, hit and disrupted other players whilst you run and jump about collecting your treasures. There is an array of characters to choose from each with there own weapon with collectible power ups dropped in game for players to pick up, be quick first come first served.


At the end of the match your treasures are counted, if you have the most, you win. New characters and weapons are unlocked at the end of the match. As i was playing by myself i couldn’t tell you if every player gets an unlock or just the winner. All in all its a nice, simple, and with more people a fun little game. As for its playability, well that’s a tough one. For the casual gamer who wants a quick pick up and play then sure this is right up your street, for the more seasoned and hardcore gamers among us maybe not but certainly a game for all ages and ability’s. 




4 out of 5



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