Mars One: Humanity’s Next Great Adventure


Living in space is something we have seen few do, those that we have witnessed spend time up there, have been highly trained astronauts who have gone through years of training.  Even though we now regularly see communications from Chris Hadfield or Tim Peake when they are floating high above us in the International Space Station, it still seems like a pipe dream that ordinary, everyday folk, would every have the chance to live in space, let alone colonise another planet.  The human race however, has just made it one step closer to a reality we have only ever seen in sci-fi movies, there are plans to send a group of people to live on Mars! 

Not satisfied with just setting foot on the moon, the human race has gone that little bit further and have begun a project that will see the first human settlers on Mars, touch down as early as 2024, in our lifetime!  It may not be a journey you can make yourself but Mars One plans to make that possible for a select group of people who applied in 2013. 

Edited by Norbert Kraft, MD, with James R. Kass, PhD, and Raye Kass, PhD, Mars One: Humanity’s Next Great Adventure is a book that will delve into everything that was required of applicants and just how the selection and training committee chose our intrepid explorers.  It looks at the process each candidate had to go through and details some incredibly interesting facts about their eventual life on Mars.  

The book is crammed full of information, likely to answer many of your questions and explain just how this grand adventure into the unknown will work.  Will the settlers be able to contact Earth?  How do they prepare for such a trip, one way to Mars?  What skill will they need?  How will they survive?  Will we be watching and how will that effect those travelling to Mars? 

There are so many questions, but Mars One: Humanity’s Next Great Adventure has many of the answers and is an absolutely fascinating read!


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