Matt Hatter Chronicles – 3D puzzle


The Matt Hatter Chronicles are an animated adventure comedy series about Matthew Luke Hatter, aged 13; an ordinary boy who discovers his family defends a gateway to a different dimension called the Multiverse, accessed through the Coronet Movie theatre.

52743 Matt Hatter 200 pcs puzzle

Matt must battle and capture infamous villains from movie, myth and legend that have escaped through the projector and into the Multiverse and defeat the evil Lord Tenoroc – the safety of the people in the Multiverse is at stake and so is the freedom of his Grandpa!

This 200 piece puzzle is durable and of high quality. It fits together easily and depicts a familiar scene from Matt Hatter – the battle between good and evil, ‘Heroes vs Villains’. There are 4 3D puzzles in the series; “Defenders” and “Heroes and Villains” both 200 piece puzzles aimed at the 8+ age group, and  “Bring it on” and “Multivision” both 500 piece puzzles aimed at 10+.

Once the bright and appealing puzzle is completed, you can wear a 3D mask (included in the box) and view the picture. It’s amazing how it ‘pops’ to life

Kids will love this puzzle from start to finish. From spending time putting the puzzle together, to pooping on the 3D mask and watching it come to life. We all know kids these days often need that something extra and these Matt Hatter Chronicles 3D puzzles give just that. They have taken a classic and added a fantastic new angle to the puzzle.

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