Mercury Plains


Mercury Plains sees Mitch (Scott Eastwood – Suicide Squad, Fury) leave a life he feels is a dead-end to find a new one in Mexico.  When he arrives he meets a mysterious person who recruits him into a paramilitary group full of teenagers that has one aim, to take the fight against drugs directly to the drug cartels.  Set up in a camp in the desert. the teenagers, including Mitch, are trained to be soldiers and it quickly becomes obvious that Mitch is being singled out as the groups top operative.  The intensity increases and the situation soon becomes bloodier and much more dangerous, Mitch soon realises that he is in danger of being arrested by the Mexican police or targeted by the cartels and that his only chance of survival is to escape the paramilitary organisation and find his way back to the United States of America.  

image002Hot on the heels of his father’s success, Scott Eastwood brings gravitas to the role of Mitch and continues the success of the Eastwood family in the entertainment industry.  Full of charisma and charm, there is a strong resemblance between father and son and that oozes out of the screen almost effortlessly.  The supporting cast and skilled writing makes Mercury Plains a film that is a must watch, not just for action junkies and Eastwood fans, but for those who just enjoy the quality of a well made and entertaining movie.

Mercury Plains is available for Download from 25th April 2016 and DVD from 2nd May 2016 

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