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We all love to play with our children, but sometimes it can get a little messy.  Being creative is hugely important for children’s development and activities such as painting are fantastic for helping to develop their coordination and their motor skills.  So what is the answer when we just don’t want to get messy but the kids want to paint?  Little Brian Paint Sticks.

lbps10ma6-little-brian-paint-sticks-metallic-6-pack-1Little Brian Paint Sticks are a fantastic addition to any child’s play box as they remove the messy aspect of painting without removing the fun.  Essentially the Paint Sticks are much like glue sticks, the paint comes in a tube and as the nib wears down, you simply twist the bottom and more paint comes out.  The paint isn’t liquid like what we are used to though, it is in a solid state and the sticks are used just like crayons would be. 

The bonus to using Little Brian Paint Sticks is there is absolutely no need for water or brushes, all your child needs to do is hold the tube and paint, their imagination is the only limit they will face.  However, should your child want a little more versatility from the paint sticks and be able to paint larger areas, the sticks can be used with water and make washes! This means Little Brian Paint Sticks are the only paints your child will need! 

little-brian-classic-paint-sticks-6-packThe sticks can be used on all kinds of surfaces such as paper, card, wood, canvas and even on glass.  They come in packs of six or twelve, in a number of vibrant and even metallic colours, giving the kids all the inspiration they need to get artistic.  The best bit is that the paint dries within seconds, meaning there is less chance of getting any of the paint on clothes or tables, but if there is a little accident the paint is water soluble and will come right off.  

The award winning Little Brian Paint Sticks are so innovative that they will keep  the kids busy for hours on end being creative and re-imagining the world around them on paper! 

Little Brian Paint Sticks are available to purchase online from Amazon and Asda, for as little as £4.99.



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