“Mind Over Matter” – Helping to smell your way to success….



Everyone looks to things that find a emotional release or an emotional connection to. Be it a teddy Bear, a lucky 4 leaf clover, a photo album but how about a smell.

Actibod Mind over Matter Balm looks to that idea and tries to get the aromas in.

Actibod Mind Over Matter Balm

 Actibod focuses on that kickstart that everyone needs. It is a portable aroma balm that offers just that. Focusing the mind and tries to get you into the zone with a blend of rosemary, peppermint and bergamot essential oils.

Its quick and easy with no spillages or product on your hands.  Best place to start is the pulse points, especially before exercise.

“Focus the mind and get in the zone”


It is a stimulating and motivating fragrance which also clears respiratory tract. Whats best is the portable packaging. Portable packaging that allows you to keep it in your kit bag, on your desk, in your handbag or in your pocket.


How to Use

Apply to clean skin as desired over pulse points: wrist, temples and neck. Inhale deeply and feel reinvigorated.


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