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No matter how much we hate to admit it, as a nation we find it really difficult to go day to day without using a mirror.  Some people might call this vanity, but when you have a genuine need to check your appearance for confidence reasons, vanity is no where in sight.

It can be trying to make sure you have the confidence to walk out of that door feeling the best you can, especially away from home.  As a society there is much more pressure than ever to look just right and be more aware of our appearance.  The advances in technology in recent years means that on a daily basis we are seeing more and more images of ourselves, especially ones over which we have no control.  Then there are the media focused socially acceptable ‘norms’, constant exposure to unrealistic beauty and body image means that we become more and more conscious of how we look.

So, with no emphasis on the conceit that and narcissistic tendencies that accompany the word vanity, using a mirror to make sure we are comfortable with how we look, is a very important part of our daily routines and sometimes it can be tricky!  We have all been there, arriving somewhere, maybe on holiday and realising you don’t have a mirror to put your make up on or do your hair.  Or what about needing to see how your clothes look but only having a mirror to hand that shows you an area the size of your face?  Maybe you live in a tiny space and just don’t have the room for a decent sized mirror!

MM Product Stills May-0416 cut out copyThere are a few solutions –

  • Use a compact mirror and piece together how you look in your mind
  • Try to take a selfie on your smartphone (arms are rarely long enough for the full picture)
  • Take snapshots of yourself until you have covered the whole body, then paste them together in a collage app and create a Picaso-esque full picture of yourself
  • Have confidence in your abilities to apply make up, do your hair and dress yourself
  • Get ready where ever you are and then ask a random stranger how you look
  • Install a mirror ceiling and get ready laying down (If you have a small living space)
  • Carry a full length mirror everywhere with you

In some instances, a few of the above suggestions would suffice, well except for the last one, right?

Maybe not!

Magic Mirror

Promo Business Card higher res

It sounds crazy, but there is a solution that can work for holidays, small living spaces, festivals, breaks away, even days out, if you have a big enough handbag.  The size of a tablet, which most of us carry with us these days, the Magic Mirror is a revolutionary concept that allows you to take a full length mirror with you, everywhere.  Yes, you can take the mirror and with it your confidence that you don’t look like a clown put on your make up before the big interview, that your festival chic looks perfect before you leave the tent (well until those beers anyway) and that your holiday nightmare of a stamp sized mirror is banished.

Specially formulated from acrylic, it contains no glass meaning that it wont shatter on you, (and your dreams), but there is no quality lost in the reflective qualities.  It also has a strong, durable canvas backing and as previously said is the size of a tablet and slots neatly into it’s own little tote bag, fitting into handbags, suitcases and backpacks.

How is it full length?

Magic Mirror can be used in 3 different ways for all your mirror needs.  Here is the magic!

MM Product Stills May-0353 cut outPyramid

When you unfold the carefully constructed four panelled mirror, it can easily be fashioned into a pyramid shape.  This makes it angled just right for applying make-up or even doing hair and the fact that the panels on either side are mirrored means that two people can use it at the same time.


This of the old fashioned mirrors that you used to see on dressing tables of old.  There would be a mirror at the front and one to each side slightly angled, giving a 180º view, that with the turn of your head allows you to see your hair from practically any angle.

MM Product Stills May-0331 cut outFull Length

The truly magical part of this mirror though is the full length option.  When the mirror is unfastened by the sturdy, secure clasp, it unfolds into a full length mirror, with all four panels positioned above each other.  It can then be suspended from the clasp on a hook or similar.  We used this option at Leeds Festival in our tent and it worked a treat!

The age old problem of being able to #GetReadyAnywhere has been solved and for just £35 you can get your very own Magic Mirror!

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