Modernise The Old And Make It Fresh


At 21 years old, Kit Rice has made a great impact on the music scene, working with Cam Blackwood and a song that is sure to take the country by storm this year! Graduate of the BRIT school, classically trained violinist and singer songwriter, great things are in his future!

I caught up with Kit to find out what gets his motor running when it comes to fashion!

How important is fashion to you?

Fashion is very important in today’s expression of music and art. I love a good runway show and It’s very exciting to see what the gods of fashion are serving up for the next big season.


Do you think that the genre of music you work in has influenced your personal style?

I do yes. I like to take influence from the greats in music & fashion. The Rat Pack, Prince, Bowie. I love wearing extravagant suit jackets but switch it up with some jeans and DM’s.

Do you have a favourite fashion designer? If so why?

I love Zara at the moment. My favourite blazer is my blue Zara.


Tell me about your new single


My new single is called BYOB. Bring Your Own Body is about a party where all you have to bring is yourself. Bring your own style and dance the night away. Positive vibes and fun. For the video I got all my friends to come down with their unique dance styles, we had contemporary, hip hop, lyrical, street, gymnastics, roller skating – to name a few, check it out it’s on YouTube now .

Can you sum up your style in one sentence.

My genre is Flip Pop, I modernise the old to make it fresh.



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