Mommy’s Best Action Pack – 4 PC Game Pack Review


4 Game pack featuring some great retro 2D Shooters. Interested? Read on….



This 4 game PC Game Pack is from “Mommy’s Best Games”, they made their name by creating imaginative action games on the “Xbox Live Indie Games channel.” Now they bring these games to PC – carefully ported and remastered.

Weapon of Choice – Game 1 of 4

Weapon of Choice

About – “A Contra-style game with each player character having their own special weapon! Enjoy branching paths, unlockable new characters, multiple endings, death-defying abilities and more! All new Achievements created just for the Steam release!”

Thoughts on Game –  The metal soundtrack and the graphics brought us into the game well. Good levels of detail and some good bosses in the levels. 

Individual Rating – 3/5


Shoot 1up – Game 2 of 4


About – “‘Shoot 1UP’ Play all your ships at once in this crazy take on bullet-hell shooters! Scared of ‘bullet-hell’? Try this, it’s much more forgiving! Branching paths, unlockable features, and 2-player local coop!”

Thoughts on Game – Crazy, just Crazy. More for an adult than anything (or late teen). It’s bosses are for the most part inneudo or phallic in nature.  Notice the title image of this review – its based on 1 of Shoot 1Up’s bosses where the “metal boobs” fire bullets and rocket off at times.  Stupid fun and its heart.

Individual Rating – 4/5


Explosionade – Game 3 of 4


About – “‘Explosionade’ Grenade-blasting, alien-mashing, mech-jumping mania! With 40 levels to conquer, there’s choice-driven endings, gameplay speed options, and 2-player local coop!”

Thoughts on Game – Good controls, it felt a bit short in overall length but it was a fun experience.  Good replay value with friends a key to the fun aspect.

Individual Rating – 3/5


Game Type – Game 4 of 4


About – “‘Game Type’ A looping, high-score shooter in which each loop increases the game speed! Bring a friend for 2-player local coop! All new Achievements created just for this release!”

Thoughts on Game – Weird. Just Weird. Getting to the game itself through a strange parody of a console menu was a task. Strange re-used symbols of other games been bosses.


Highlight Boss – Office Cat?

Individual Rating – 4/5

Overall Thoughts

A strange game pack featuring some good and some ok games. All better played with more than one but Game Type and Shoot 1Up are our favs.


Total Rating –

4 out of 5


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