Monopoly The Walking Dead Survival Edition.


It seems there is no end to Monopoly being re-branded by popular shows and what’s the current next big thing. Catering to nearly every fad there are literally hundreds of variations and that is just the known and official one’s alone.

So how many times can the brand re-brand before people do not want to buy it anymore or lose interest. Never it would seem.

One of the latest examples of Television show inspired re-branded Monopoly sets is the extremely popular, The Walking Dead series. Being a huge fans of the TV show we were delighted to see this on the internet, but were not expecting to get our hands on it.

Monopoly GameboardWe handled this set with care as we studied this beautifully designed box, taking caution get scratched, cut or bitten by the packaging. It looks just like it has jumped right out of Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, using what appears to be the original comic book artwork designed by Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, sporting the odd piece of DIY miracle that is gaffer tape.

The classic Monopoly banker mascot is present on the box, it would have been great if he was redrawn in the comic book style to fit in with the design, but sadly this isn’t the case.

Monopoly PiecesThe amount of character pieces seems to vary throughout the variations of Monopoly sets. This version comes with six playable pieces. A bucket of body parts, Rick’s hat. a Katana (Michonne’s sword), Lucille (barbed wire wrapped around a bat), Dale’s RV and the telephone from the prison.

The board as you expect is completely re worked to relate to the series apart from the four corner squares which would not be Monopoly without them. The classic GO, IN JAIL/JUST VISITING, FREE PARKING AND GO TO JAIL!

As the TV series closely follows the comic to a point, all of the re-named streets should be recognisable, they are all area’s or building’s where character’s enter the story or hold up in for a while.

Chance and community chest have appropriately been renamed as Scavenge with a picture of a fuel cannister, ammo, first aid kit and axe, and Supply chest, which is a picture of a wooden crate.

Each card has a small image from the comic and like the original Monopoly, an event, command or a consequence, but with it’s own take to liaise with the series.

Image by Geoff Livingston

Image by Geoff Livingston

Here are some examples of Scavenge cards;

  • Advance to down town Woodbury. The Governor wants to give you the nickel tour. If you pass “go” collect 200.
  • You’ve got guts. Walker camouflage hides your scent. (Get out of jail free. This card may be kept until needed or traded).
  • Caught lying to the group. Give each player 50.

Here are some examples of Supply chest;

  • Rescue line gets you out of a jam. (Get out of jail free. This card may be kept until needed or traded).
  • Survive a round in the Woodberry fight arena. Receive 100.
  • Survive the winter…. at a cost. Use 100.

Title deeds for the train stations and utility’s are swapped out for supply items and transport methods.

Houses and hotels are still available but these are now known as walls and guard towers. Appropriate to relate to the series.

And finally as for money, in the apocalypse it doesn’t really get you anything. So for the purpose of this series money is swapped out for the following; One = first aid kit. Five = sacks of seeds. Ten = boxes of food. Twenty = gallons of fuel. Fifty = Knives. One hundred = firearms and finally five hundred = cartridges.  All of these having for more use for trade in such an event.

This is a game I am very excited to play against friends with as playing by yourself isn’t as fun, and a lot of my friends are just as much as big a zombie fanatics as myself. Heck I may even get into character and be a bat swinging gun slinging mad man with only survival to fight for. And should I get turned I’d better not bite any friends as I would have no-one left to play this awesome game with.

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