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December’s edition of erisea-mags monthly game reviews.


Secret Ponchos PS4sp!

A low-key online multiplayer game. Set in the wild west, you chose an Outlaw character from a selection of 5. Each of them have their own weapon type and a secondary special weapon attack. Their sizes, speed and weapon range differ, making them easier to hit or miss but they are all equally as deadly as the other as no-ones weapon has an outrageous advantage over the others.sp1 Small items appear from time to time on the map, mostly cowboys and a first aid kit. The person who gets to them first get’s a slight advantage boost over the other competitors.
This is such an easy game to get into and  the competition  remains fairly  balanced so it still  makes for a pleasant   multiplayer experience, unlike a lot of other multiplayer games out there.

sp2There are 3 multiplayer options and a Single player is a practice mode where you play versus Bots to get a feel for the game and learn the controls.

The maps are a happy medium. Not too large, not too small.

There are 4 game options.


Single player is a practice mode where you play versus Bots to getsp3 a feel for the game and learn the controls.

Domination mode is a 2 versus 2 battle to 4 versus 4 team matches, the objective is to get a 5 kill win streak against the opposing team.

Deathmatch is a non respawn mode where you play 1vs1 2vs2 or 4vs4, the last Outlaw standing wins the round.

Free-for-all is an 8 player no holds barred fight to compete for the most kills.

Secret Ponchos is a fantastic multiplayer riot, that will sadly only last as long as people download and play it. It has the makings for a cult classic, let’s hope that that’s what it will become. However it is looking most likely it’s prolonged future will be destined for PC, so in the future expect some fantastic hacks and fan-made slendour.


Guns N Zombies PC. Game of the monthGNZ!

A birds eye 4th person perspective run and gun shooter, that’s about… well the title says it all!

If you using a laptop to play, it is better played with a mouse than using the touchpad. The developers have been so thoughtful that you can adjust the graphic settings to a lower rate making gameplay smoother and more speedier for those with onboard graphic cards.

GNZ1 you shoot through  horde after horde of  zombie waves, as you  progress through  stages there are even  more mutated and  savage zombies to  destroy, some of these would not look out of place on the likes of resident evil and house of the dead games. Some zombies also have some biometal clad from where they have been infected by a nano-virus, (didn’t see that coming, thumbs up!).

Parts of the maps environment provide cover to regain GNZ3momentum but this last only as long as it takes the speedy critters to catch you up.

The game also has its own store where you can use earned currency to but Rambo’s gun locker, different armour skins, turret and radar upgrades and a whole heap of other great items.GNZ2

there are automatic turrets scattered around as well as collectables on each level to improve your score. There is also random gameplay generation to make playthroughs keep their appeal, no gun-through on a level is the same twice.

GNZ4 Zombies with riot  shields acid and toxic  fluid exploding from  heads, this gore fest  has a bit of everything  in its soup.

This game does have  cooperative mode  which will add more  fun to the mix, but let’s face it, you want all the glory of the apocalypse to yourself.

This game is insanely fun and only costs the small price of a dinner for one. Everyone should at least try the demo you can get from to see for yourself.




Wacky slapstick brilliance that is easy to please, is how I would describe this game.FS1

It plays very similar to Wario Ware where you have just a couple of seconds to carry out the correct action the games character Frobisher calls out in his quirky voice. The better you do the more mini levels you unlock.

It is wonderfully illustrated and will have you addicted in no time at all, it doesn’t try too hard to do anything other than make you have fun.

FS3 Each playthrough is  short and sweet    lasting under 5  minutes a time. You  will find yourself  gurning at the screen,  yelling, moving around the room like your driving in a derby, getting strange looks from your family as you draw near to them finding coloured objects to capture with the Vita camera, like the green on their clothing. And frankly, you will get more use out your Vita’s touch screen, rear touchpad and motion controls than you will have out of any other game.

On the title screen there are a few options including Frobisher’s FS2log book will show you screens of which mini games you have successfully aced. Any screens with a question mark is currently not available.

There are 2 small DLC packs available for the small price of a nice pack of biscuits adding 15 extra mini-games a piece for extra wackiness fun to be had.

You can play with friends competing in a pass around to see who can get the best score ( and who can look more silly while doing it 🙂 )

Combined with the humorous minigames and Frobisher’s expressions, this is the Marmite of video games and I believe you will struggle not to like it no matter who you are and your humour.

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