Monthly Game Reviews November 2014


Escape Plan


Escape plan is a game that I have been wanting to play for a long time. Released in 2012. It  has a unique art style with a monochrome look, showing that games aren’t all about  colours.

Lil and Laarg, the playable characters, are prisoners in a facility where each room other  than your cell, has enough booby-traps to please Kevin, in home alone.

It doesn’t play as you may have anticipated. You may have thought it would be a platform  game where you have full control of the characters, but, the way it does play once you get  the hang of it, is fantastically done.
Tapping left or right on the D-pad will make your character, and at times characters, walk. They will continue to walk until you stop them. While they walk, there are obstacles and hazards along the way.


Using your pointer, you will need to try to shift the hazard/s out of the way so your character/s can progress to the next level. There are great aspects of elements you can use to your advantage to get you through the room.

It’s quite dark humoured, but it deserves time and persistence to really appreciate how great and original it is.

If you are a dab hand at the puzzles on each level, it will be a short-lived game, but well worthy of trying to obtain all of the trophies.

Unlike a lot of games, it makes excellent use of the touch pad on the ps4 controller, at times using it to control the environment and as an action button.

It’s an absolute fantastic title that pushes the boundaries of what Indie games can achieve. It would great to see a sequel as a fuller version and a shed load of more traps and elements.


Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes


Now if you love DC, and you thoroughly enjoyed doodle jump as I did, then this is really for you. Doodle jump and Batman! An absolute genius idea.

If you’re not familiar with doodle jump, then it is a vertical scrolling platform jumper. You have platforms scattered all over the screen which the character will bounce on. Along the way, the character will encounter hazards and enemies and collectibles. While jumping you can fire Batarangs from your snout by tapping the screen, the character can fire three batarangs at any time, and like the idea of the weapon, it will return to you.



The darkness of the skylines and buildings of Gotham are present in the background, and so is the bat  symbol.

You will encounter familiar villains who are level bosses and you may at times encounter them during the  level before reaching the end.

When you fail on a level you can spend some of your collected currency, being crystals, on upgrades which  are cool gadgets that will be set out on the levels. The game levels are continuous, but the end of each level is  dashed out to distinguish them.

There are also a variety of batsuits to unlock, ranging from classic to modern BatmanBatman is the only  playable character, and you may be thinking, ‘well it’s called DC Super Heroes.’

Well, worry not, as this is only chapter one. More characters will become available over time.
It would make an arcade cabinet like doodle jump dedicated arcade cabinet.

Following on from this Doodle jump can go in any direction with any collaboration. If they carry on in this type of venture, I predict this will be as huge as Angry birds.

It’s an absolute joy and a great way of re-imaging an already successful franchise.
Available now on iOS devices.



The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.  -Monthly Game Reviews *Game of the month.*


 TBOI started out as an indie game on PC & Steam inspired by the likes of The Legend Of  Zelda. It also got its own DLC. Taking elements from the game and it’s DLC, TBOI: Rebirth  is a remake and made available for PS4, PS Vita and Steam. It is a 16-bit top down 2D  dungeon crawling action shooter, in the style of SNES classics such as Total Carnage and  Super Smash TV.

The main character is a small child that has escaped his home after his own Mother wants  to kill him as a request from god, though as he escapes he enters a nightmare where  everything is out to kill him.

Starting out in a room in a dungeon with 2-4 doorways, there are some basic pictures and symbols of the controls. Almost every room you enter will have various enemies, traps and collectables. The layout of each dungeon is not clear until you have explored a certain direction. You may come across a Boss doorway sooner than expected, but to go through it early is your choice.

tboi.jpg3There are many various bosses, though a very dark humour and design to the game, it is mostly done in a cartoon style and it just looks fantastic.

There are many power-ups to collect, so many that you rarely collect the same combinations of power ups. But there are an unlimited amount of combinations you can achieve through multiple power-ups. Some may also hinder rather than help you.


It is not an easy game, and your progress  will depend on your power-up  combinations. But, it is very addictive  and entertaining.
Can you survive the dungeons and face your Mother, the Final boss.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this game and would highly recommend it.

Currently free for PS+ subscribers.

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