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Getting ready for Halloween can be exhausting and let’s face it, complicated.  Most people will only see the finished product, the result of you hours of toil and hard work.  It is only fair then, that somehow, some way, the job is made a little easier, whether you are hanging the decorations or trying to find the perfect costume, look no further…

Frightening Faux Pas

Halloween decorations can look amazing, whether they are for a party, Trick or Treaters or just because you love this time of year.  Problems come with the festivities though, how to hang the decs without ruining your walls and your ceilings, so they are inconspicuous, (we all want a professional look) and unobtrusive, there is nothing worse that big hunks of tape sticking out everywhere, or garlands falling down mid Monster Mash.

Command Brand by 3M have some incredibly effective products that will make All Hallows Eve full of intended bumps and scares, instead of horrific ones where all your decs fall down onto candles and people, (it is a serious hazard).  

They have a range of products to tackle mounting, hanging and sticking that leave your walls undamaged, items on the walls secure and remain hidden.  We in particular love the Ceiling Hooks, Decorating Clips and Picture Hanging Strips, they will tackle most jobs and ensure everything stays right where you leave it! 

Available from 3M

Creepy Costumes

We all want to be one of those people that can make our own costumes when Halloween rolls around, it gives us the chance to be completely original.  It is not always that easy though, time, energy and motivation all play a part.

You can make it easier on yourself though by buying a costume and one place to go that have a huge range to chose from, is Morphsuits.

These all in one costumes make dressing up a breeze, buy one thing and pop it one, you’re ready!  No fuss with make up or accessories because the breathable suit even covers your face.

They come in a huge range of designs, so you are sure to find one that suits you or your kids this year and they have fast delivery.  Be an evil demon, a zombie, mummy or creepy alien thing, choose a more well known character or even just go for one colour, bold and vibrant.  It is up to you! 

Available from Morphsuits

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